Near Russia is seen one of the four white orchid whales … So when we’re here, we’ve made a list of some of the strangest wildlife species around the world, including a snake with one leg and a turtle with two heads. Scientists shot great shots of a rare white orchid whale near the Russian coast.

The baby, which is just one of the four white orchid whales ever observed, has caused excitement when it appeared beside the explorers’ boat between the islands of the Pacific, Onecotan and Paramuschir.

Another white whale was called Eyberg became a media sensation two years ago after being spotted along the Russian coast.

So here are some extraordinary rare animals that defy nature.

Two-headed bile

Fifth lamb

This lovely lamb was born with a fifth leg, but it does not let it slow down. This lamb was born in February last year on a French farm owned by Ivan Delage. None of his four brothers and sisters had any anomalies, but this lamb has three frontal legs.

Sheep born with an extra leg most often do not survive or suffer from health problems, but this happy lamb does not seem to suffer any adverse effects and immediately fit with its brothers and sisters.

Snake with a leg

Chinese grandmother Dean Quionghiu was shocked when she woke up in the middle of the night and saw a snake crawling down the wall in her bedroom.

But the 66-year-old granny experienced an even greater shock when she noticed that the snake had a leg! She was so scared that she took a shoe and beaten the snake to death, and then put her body in a bottle of alcohol to preserve it.

The snake, which was otherwise 16 inches long and thin, was sent to study at the science department at the Chinese University of Nanchang, where experts were confused by what might have caused the mutation.

Multicolour lobster 

Harley Quinn, the lobster in two colors became the main attraction in his aquarium after finding it with one half of the body in an electric blue and the other bright red.

The chances of lobster having two different colors on each half of the body are about 50 million per one, so Harley is even more rare than his relatives who are born full of blushes, with his claws being opposite colors so he seems to be divided into four parts.

He was caught in East Yorkshire in 2010, and since then he has been taken care of by staff at the Marine Life Center Scarborough.

Cyclops Shark

It looks like a creature of ancient mythology, but this little shark with just one big eye was found by a fisherman in Mexico in October 2011.

The strange creature was originally rejected as a scam after being rejected by his mother, the endangered species of a dark shark. However, the biologist Felipe Galvan – Magani confirmed that the animal is real and that the two eyes failed to separate because of a rare genetic condition.

Albino Kangur

This albino kangaroo is distinguished from its appearance and is too impressive. However, albino white kangaroos are so rare that if someone notices it goes to the cover of magazines around the world.

These rare animals, caused by a genetic mutation, often fail to survive in the innocent without their traditionally gray fur which helps them fit into the landscape. Two-year-old Renee, who was spotted near Namaggi National Park near Canberra in Australia last November, is so unusual that Rangers fear that she could be a target for hunters, so her location is kept as a strictly guarded secret .

Asian Unicorn

Some animals are so rare that even a normal sample of them in the wild is enough to cause the heart to start accelerating to work. One of the best examples of this is the Saola, whose horns (twins) are very close to each other.

An antelope-like animal is rated critically endangered with less than 100 of its species remaining in the wild, and this is extremely shy. It is so rare to meet what they call the “Asian Unicorn”.

In fact, when it was photographed in Vietnam in November last year it was the first time to be seen after 12 years … So now you see.